Google Starts Testing Mobile App Ads In The Google Play Store

Google play

“Google announced this morning the launch of a pilot program which will allow mobile application developers the ability to advertise their apps directly within the Google Play store. These ads, which will initially be made available to advertisers already running search ads on, will also only be shown against Google Play search results. That is, they won’t just randomly appear in other sections of Google Play, like category pages or stuffed in the middle of Google Play’s Top Charts.

Instead, advertisers will be able to bid on ads that match a particular search query, like “hotel apps” or “coupon app,” for example.

Their mobile application would then appear at the top of the ranked search results returned from Google Play’s store, where it looks exactly the same as any other result except for the fact that it will be flagged as an ad via the small “Ad” button that appears under the app’s name.

As the Singapore SEO company explains in a blog post this morning, its 100 billion-plus searches each month have improved content discovery for users and advertisers alike and now the search ads on Google Play will do the same for app publishers.

Specifically, the program will better allow newcomers and smaller developers the chance to compete and gain visibility in an app store that Google says now tops over a million applications.”

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